Doctoral Students Contest


JETC 2013

12th Joint European 



Brescia, Italy, July 1-5, 2013

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Doctoral Students Contest

Evaluation Criteria

The members of the Scientific Committee plus a number of additional JETC Evaluators that they will nominate, will be asked to attend as many presentations as they can and evaluate your work based on your presentation according to the criteria spelled out in the evaluation sheet that you may examine by clicking here. Your mark will be the average of the marks you received from the Evaluators who assisted to your presentation and handed in the evaluation sheet.

Your presentation must be in English. It will be a plenary session. Timing will be strictly enforced!

You will have exactly 7 minutes to come to the stage, present your main message and results. The following 2 minutes are for questions and answers, and for you to leave the floor to the next speaker. There will be plenty of additional time during the poster sessions to entertain discussions on the details of your work. Please do your best to keep the number of slides to a minimum (we suggest no more than 6-7 sildes including the title). Details can be left to private discussions. Focus instead on your main message and do not try to squeeze in more words by just talking too fast (you will only procure a headache to the audience!).  Prepare well and practice several times by timing yourself (you should not read during your presentation). Timing will be strictly enforced. It is your responsibility to find yourself ready to start at the right time. Your 7-minutes count down will start as soon as the session chairperson will give you the floor. And it is your responsibility to keep your presentation within the allotted time. At the end of your 7 minutes, we will switch the screen off, and the chairperson will interrupt you and ask if there are questions. At the end of the 2 minutes of Q&A, will switch the screen on to the title slide of the next speaker, and the chronometer will be reset and immediately started for the next speaker.

Preload the file with your slides on the conference-room PC well in advance and test that your slides are displayed properly. Name your file with just your last name, LastName.pdf. You may use any software and format to prepare your slides, but we strongly suggest that you save you presentation in PDF format, so as to avoid the font problems that often occur when using your Powerpoint file on a PC with a different system installation, or a different version of the Equation Editor. If you must use Powerpoint, please save it in Office97 or 2003 format.

Thank you for your efforts in making this Congress an exciting scientific event and arrivederci a Brescia!

Organizing Committee JETC 2013



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