JETC 2013

12th Joint European 



Brescia, Italy, July 1-5, 2013

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The conference has successfully taken place!

with the patronage of the Brescia Municipality
and contributions from



Arrivederci in Nancy, France, May 20-22, 2015 for the JETC 2015 !



The following is the best comment we proudly 

received from one of the invited panelists:

This is just a quick note to again thank you for organizing such an exciting and productive conference. I learned a tremendous amount about the current state of thermodynamics research. It was an honor for me to participate, and very useful for me in terms of contacts for the future.

I am a complete convert to your idea of short presentations followed by extended discussions. You made an excellent selection of highly diverse experts in a broad range of fields. I can honestly say it is the best conference I have attended.


We thank all Participants, the Sponsor, and all members of the Scientific and Organizing Committees for making this scientific event successful and hopefully memorable for the international thermodynamics community.



As announced during the opening cerimony of the conference, the 

Winner of the 2013 Ilya Prigogine Prize is

Anders Lervik

For his PhD thesis work entitled

Energy dissipation in biomolecular machines

done at the Chemistry Department, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway.



The prize for the best PhD/PostDoc presentation has been awarded to

ivind Wilhelmsen

also of the Chemistry Department, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway.





Don't forget to visit the Photo Gallery.


The Proceedings are available online for free, both the full Book of Proceedings and the single contributions of the Invited Panelists and of all other Participants.






The 12th Joint European Thermodynamics Conference will be held in Brescia, Italy, July 1-5, 2013. In view of the long standing tradition of European excellence in all facets of Thermodynamics, this will be a truly international event, attended by researchers from all continents. 


Instead of keynote lectures, the conference will feature twelve panel discussions (mini-symposia) in which invited experts in each topic will briefly outline the essential points of their personal views with the objective of clarifying the state of the art, especially for the benefit of the young researchers attending the conference. Each panel discussion will have up to 9 invited experts and will last up to 150 minutes. Each panelist will speak 11-12 minutes and write a 6-10 page paper or at least an extended abstract that will be published in the Proceedings of the conference. Each panel discussion will allow time for 20-25 minutes of discussion (i.e., questions and answers and possibly short statements from the audience). View here the list of invited panelist who accepted to participate. 


The only other oral presentations during the conference will be by a selection of  PhD students and first-year PostDocs (see below). The remaining papers will be discussed in various poster sessions. 


The Conference is designed to be an opportunity for exchange and discussion on research findings, advances, experiences, and activities carried out both in academia and in industrial research centers in the various fields of thermodynamics. Researchers and experts are therefore invited to bring original contributions about their experimental and/or theoretical findings. Find here the instructions to submit your contribution

The official language of the conference is English. All abstracts, papers, posters, and presentation shall be in English.


Authors are welcome to submit multiple papers, however, only one paper (exceptionally two papers) per registered author will be accepted and included in the proceedings, and at most one oral presentation will be granted per PhD student or PostDoc.


Brescia is a city of art near the beautiful lake Garda and the Franciacorta wine region. It is famous for its historical buildings, museums and special exhibitions, and an extremely active industrial network.


SPECIAL FEATURES of this edition of the Conference: 


1) selection of 

oral presentations by PhD students and first-year Post Docs  

with a 600 award to the best presentation


2) twelve 

mini-symposia (panel discussions) on selected hot topics

bringing you the points of view of most respected researchers in each topic


3) three

poster sessions


4) ISBN 978-88-89252-22-2

USB flash drive (and optional book) of Proceedings


Indeed, the Conference will feature:

- a number of invited panel discussions where experts in a given topic will be invited to briefly outline their views and contribute to clarifying the state of the art;

- a doctoral student contest, new feature in this conference series: there will be a large selection (made by the Scientific Committee) of oral presentations by PhD students and first-year PostDocs. Among these presentations, the Scientific Committee and other experts will select the best presentation to be awarded a 600 euro prize;

- the only oral presentations during the conference will be by the selected PhD students and by the invited panel experts;

- the remaining papers will be discussed in various poster sessions. 

Important deadlines:  see the Deadlines section.

Please keep an eye on this Congress website for updates.  





Organizing Committee JETC 2013

Website: http://JETC2013.ing.unibs.it/

E-mail: jetc2013@ing.unibs.it

Tel.: +39 0303715566

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